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  Downtown Blues Band at the Woodstock Dooryard Festival, August 10, 2013

The Downtown Blues Band is a high energy Rhythm n' Blues Show Band from Fredericton, NB, that has been entertaining Maritime and U.S. audiences since 1987. Whether performing for a Festival, Event, Bar or Community Organization, the Downtown Blues Band provides a Show that appeals to all ages. The Band likes to make sure that everyone gets a chance to sing and dance ...

The Band carries forth a tradition of community music development, having enabled many local musicians to put their talents to work over the years. With the evolution of their powerhouse 4 piece Horn Section, 8 members of the current line up have played together for over 14 years.

The Downtown Blues Band was an original performer at Fredericton's Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, and they have continued to rock The House for the 19 years the Festival has been in existence.

Carl Davies of THE TELEGRAPH-JOURNAL had this to say about The Band in September 2004:

"a bunch of regular Frederictonians who can cook with the best of them ... this Band of a dozen or so (it varies from performance to performance) has been at the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival since Day One, sending crowds home with big smiles on their faces' and sore feet from too much dancing. Kind of like the Blues Brothers meet Wilson Pickett, meets Joe Cocker, the highlight is the three piece horn section that adds that little something extra to each song."

  Downtown Blues Band
  Downtown Blues Band
Lloyd Bragdon, Gordon Thomas, Dave Cunningham, Conrad Meade, Dave Nightingale, Paul Campbell, Kelly Waterhouse, Tom Blizzard, Jeannine Gallant and Chris Browne.

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  DBB by Tom Smith
  Live Painting of the Downtown Blues Band at the End of the World/Mayan Prophecy Party December 21, 2012
By Tom Smith
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