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Here's what they say:
"There is one word to be used to describe the atmosphere within a room of 400 ..Magic! The feeling overwhelmed this fundraising coordinator when she stood from her vantage point and watched these wonderful musicians play their music. The crowd was alive, the ambiance was electric. And the night a true success..."
Janet Moser, Canadian Mental Health Association (email: Jan. 31, 2007)
"Some of the Province's best musicians were on hand to get the VIP's moving, including the Downtown Blues Band, ..."
Carl Davies, The Telegraph-Journal, Jan. 2005
"If Fredericton ever decided to name a civic 'House Band', the Downtown Blues band would have to be it. These ambassadors of Fredericton's music scene will keep you dancing from the moment they hit the stage. There'll always be a place for the Blues band on this Festival's stage."
Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, 1999
"Le Downtown Blues Band de Fredericton est touts implement savoureux. Avec ses airs à la lean - Pierre Ferland, ses lunettes noir et son large sourire, le chanteur dégage un charisme des le debut. Les musiciens sont talentueux et les solos de guitare elevants ..."
Isabelle Lacroix, L' Acadie Nouvelle, Jan. 2005
" ... after 11 years together as a corner piece of the provincial music scene."
Blues Scene Quarterly: Winnipeg, 1998
"The best way to capture the high energy of this band is to see it live…Entertaining in support of community events is nothing new for this high-energy Rhythm & Blues Show band."
The Observer, 2000
"The Downtown Blues band…I always got the impressions they were having more fun playing than anyone watching…hardly possible."
Lisa Gregoire, Writers Bloc, The Daily Gleaner, 1999
"The Band carries forth a tradition of community music development ... this ensemble truly believes that the Music Came First."
Edmundston Jazz and Blues Festival, 2000
"New Brunswick's Premier Party Band ... with a wild and energetic front line backed up by a rock solid rhythm section, this Band loves to put out for any crowd, especially those who like to sing and dance."
Fredericton River jam Committee, 2001
"What a fun show!"
City of Fredericton, 2001
" ... energy and dynamism, no egos in this group."
The Daily Gleaner
"I observed the reaction of the crowd closely and was impressed to see how much your music appealed to all ages gathered there ... from the little girls dancing up front to the white-haired seniors tapping their toes."
Linda Horseman, 1996
"Fredericton's 'House band' has been kicking up rock-heeled R&B at gigs across the Maritimes for over 14 years, including appearances at the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival since year one."
Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival
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